The Open Podcast Analytics Working Group is a cross-platform initiative to standardize podcast download tracking and measurement.

Download measurement is currently locked up behind a prohibitively expensive paywall, causing independent podcasters to lose out on reliable metrics, which in turn affects their ability to monetize. The OPAWG is working on a standard anyone can implement, along with a self-certification system that puts trusted metrics in the hands of every podcaster.

Founding members

Supporting members

The working group is currently over 140 members strong. If you’d like to join us, email join[at]opawg[dot]org.


This is a list of our active projects. Some of them are open to contributions, while some are currently still in the planning phase.

Help us

Right now, we’re looking for talented coders, preferably using Python and familiar with test-driven web development, to help us build our test harness.

We’d also welcome your input into the measurement standard, whether you run a hosting service, tracking prefix, or podcast player. If you run none of these but you have a vested interest in improving the way we count podcast downloads, perfect.

Email hello[at]opawg[dot]org if you’re up for landing a hand.